new to game engine need advice


i want to use the game engine to connect a few tutorials together in groups with a dvd intro type start screen

but as im pretty new to BGE, what would i need to do

i am not sure that i understand what you want to say…be more explicit!

What kind of tutorials are that? (web pages, pdf, movies, text …)

the main tutorials will be video but i want to connect/ group using the splash screen part of GE

You can just make a menu, and that can take you to different scenes. Each scene has a plane that plays movies in the game engine

i get the last bit wehrdo but what do you do to make the menu

I’m not sure if a GameEngine is the right platform for something like this.
I would suggest a simple website.

Buttons are just object. Apply a mouse over sensor to it that trigger some actuators.

I agree with Monster. The GE is probably not the best, but if you really want to, here’s the stripped-down instructions to make a menu.

Make a new scene that Plays Movies

On a different scene:

Make some Text

Add a plane over the top of that text that is transparent

Add a mouse over and left click sensor to that plane

Connect those to an “And” Controller

Connect the controller to to a “Scene” Actuator that links to the scene made in step 1.

Ta-Da! It’s done!

why not blendenzo’s web site .he developed a menu system in blender game engine