New To GE, Have a question

Hi, I’m rather new to blender, and I have a question regarding the game engine.

I made a ragdoll(one for the game engine) using a tutorial. Coincidentally, I made another thing that day, a gun that shot balls. I put two and two together, and I figured, “Why not make a gun that shoots ragdolls?” So, I tried. Then I realized, the ragdoll was made of about 12 different parts, and the only practice I had had with spawning things (using the edit object logic game block) was spawning a single ball. So, I tried to link all of the ragdoll by parenting, but to no avail. There’s an unforeseen effect, which make him spin continuously, and when I try to “spawn” him, nothing happens. I decided to spawn the twelve different pieces separate, which, when put into the engine, just crashed it. Does anyone know how to spawn multiple objects that are linked together at once?

Any help would be appreciated.

Ps, If anyone knows how to have a model without the ragdoll physics applied until it collides with something, that would also help.

you could parent all the objects to an empty, and add the empty. (I think)

I’ll try that, thanks for the suggestion

Hmm, for some reason it crashed when I did that… my computers decent, don’t know why it would crash…

The program crashed probably due to a physics overload of some sort. The processor had too many collisions going on at once. You can do several things to fix that.

First, download ben’s newest build (game engine bug fixes). There is only a build for windows, unfortunately, I can’t find it right now, but you could probably use google advance search for it.

next, parent an empty to the end of the gun, turn it into a ghost (non dynamic) and place it at the end of the gun. You might have to move the gun away from the empty just a little bit because it is registering collisions.

finally, make sure that the ragdoll is not shooting backwards, or sideways. That should fix your problem. If not, I can’t help you any further. Blender is not the best game engine for spawned objects like that.

hope that helped.