new to it

hey im new to using blender and i just did the wikipedia tutorial that told me to post my begginer project here for critique and a progress evaluation. ive been using blender for about a month now so this isnt going to be stunning, just let me know if im on the right path. thanks


Hiya nonaestet, welcome to Elysiun :smiley:

As a beginner work, I think it’s not too bad really. Can you tell us where this project is going? Is it going to be a single-frame scene or an animation? Perhaps a game character?

Just curious.

One thing, and this is purely a personal niggle, is that I despise renders where stuff is on mirorred floors. I’ve got a friend who renders pretty much everything he makes, and he puts everything on mirrors. I’m talking cars, people, objects. The whole thing.

So perhaps try making a scene which best suits a character with a sword. Perhaps a forest setting with trees? Just suggestions.

Anyway, good luck with your 3D studies (believe me, you’ll be studying a LOT hehe) :wink:

i decided to add more to my post.
i know that i need to work on my textures, so if any one has some suggestions on skin let me know. and can i get my spot light smoother?

yeah the mirrored flooring was just me playing with materials, and the character is just a still shot, but any suggeestions pertaining to animation are welcomed ive been working on a background for him

in have a quick question, has any one else gotten a weird line of shadow like the one in my render. i cant find the thing at all. maybe im not looking hard enough in my .blend