New to MakeHuman... how do I start?

I’ve played with MakeHuman in the past, a long time ago. I never did anything serious with it, just found it neat to adjust the settings to see what the models looked like. Now I have an idea I want to use MakeHuman with, but now I’m lost. Now it seems MakeHuman is a separate program? Is there any way to use that program to export rigged models into Blender, or am I better off getting the old 1.8 version of the plugin?

Also, is there any resource out there that would help me in skinning the model? And adding clothes? A tutorial perhaps?

MH 1.8 still works, but the humanoid mesh is really bad compared to the current one, which is used in the standalone program.

You can import the new mesh and its targets in the old Blender script, but you would have to create an armature and deformation weights.

if you export from MH as obj, you can import into blender using import file>import>wavefront (obj)