New to Python


I’m new to Python and to programming in general. I started a free online course, which covered mainly HTML, CSS, Java Script. The way I progressed through the different exercises is I visited Stack Overflow all the time and my current understanding is that if you really want to make something on your own, there is always a way…all you need to do is look.
I have to say I’m quite hooked at this point and I’m starting to wonder how I can transfer(apply) my knowledge in Blender.

I was wondering is there a good place similar to Stack Overflow but for Blender?

You can try

Awesome. Thank you.

I would recommend to look into the Blender API docs for specific stuff:
What’s also helpful is right click -> Edit Source on almost any UI element in Blender.
Especially helpful if you’re doing a UI for an addon, because it instantly shows you how the Blender developers are coding their UI.