New to rigging, need to know how to rig for sculpting.


Ok… Here is what I ultimately want to do, I have let’s say a posed action figure. I want to model it using reference photos. I know that I need to make a generic t-posed faceless base mesh, pose it and then sculpt it from head to toe. I’ve been watching tutorials on skin modifiers, armatures, rigging… Basically I came to the conclusion that the best way to do what I need to do would be to create a base mesh with skin modifier then match it to the rigify armature… then generate. After which I would pose the rig/mesh then sculpt. I decided to choose rigify because when I use the armature that which the Skin Modifer creates, I can only rotate the joints and I can’t manipulate them in a grab mode (if I’m wrong please tell me) but when I generate in rigify, the end result is I can both rotate and grab (grab mode on SOME of the joints). Now I did the best I could with the pose but when I’m finished posing and ready to sculpt how do I apply the pose to the mesh so that I’m just left with a posed mesh and no rig? After tediously watching tutorials and web browsing I can’t find an answer. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


The armature is a modifier.
In the modifiers applying will make the mesh independent.