New to Scripting

Im not really sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but here it goes.

I want to start learning how to write scripts for Blender but the reality is, I dont really know where to start. Can someone please help me with tutorials or links that would be basic and helpful in learning Python and scripting for Blender. Also, what version of Python should I download if im using Windows? 2.5.1? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx Mux

Do you know how to program in python? Have you done any programming/scripting before?

If not, I’d start with some simple things just in python.
It’s really simple to do stuff. Feel free to drop me a pm if you get stuck.

Get python 2.5.whatever, that’ll work with the latest blender.

Thanks IanC for the help. I dont really know much Python but I know some C++, and Pascal, and some coed for gl. When I say some I mean very little but I have always loved to code and want to learn more. Since I posted the first post I have already learned how to add a script into Blender which I guess is the easy part now I just need to write a script. But that will come later because you are right IanC, I need to learn Python. Thanks again for the help. And I will pm you if I get stuck.

No problem. You’ll find it quite easy, it follows the same general way of coding as pascal and c++ (variables, loops, functions, etc).

I’d suggest playing around with it to learn basic things like for loops, while loops, how to define functions, etc. That’s easiest in IDLE the interpreter that comes with python or the interpreter gained by typing “python” into a command prompt. You can type each line of code and it runs it, so you can very very quickly try ideas, check that what you are doing is the correct syntax and the like.

Have fun

To work under a win32 os, i have a preference for Pythonwin’s idle.