new to the forums and blender

hello i just finished a small project (i finaly figured out how to use the bones in blender) and i made a snall animation its my first one but i could use a little critisism on it so tell me what ya think

sorry for the spelling errors im in a hurry to get the message typed out… no one has anything to say good or bad im just wondering how my first project looks in the eyes of others

I think it is cool! I also like the blobby thing. Did you make that too?

Quite nice. The lighting could use some work though. Its a little hard to see because of the dark shadows, but the animation was good.

Nice job on keeping the feet from slipping, which is an unbelievably common problem in some 3D apps.

Welcome to Elysiun, your already making a good name for yourself with this, you might just want to try being a little more patient as this is a large forum. Trust me when I say that more people than you know look at your work, some people are just a little shy when it comes to responding.

are you refering to the character in the animation? if so yea thats the only bloby thing i can think of if its another animation then no this is my first one

sorry i can be a little impaitent sometimes i apricate the comments ill move the light around alittle bit and see what i can come up with.
is the feet slipping thing like the “gumby” effect where the walk patern isant in sync with the actual movement? (im just wondering) now to work on some more models (hopefuly soon i can get me a better computer so it wont take as long to reneder my work)

The feet slipping problem is when feet are on the ground and appear firmly planted, yet they move or slide across the surface they are on. They never fully stop moving after being planted, which makes them look like they are walking on a frictionless surface.

oh ok
hey heres a nother one i just finished up its a little bit longer and it doesent appear that the lighting is as bad this time and it has a head now weeee ok sorry im just happy i found out how to use this awesome program