New to this and need help with animation

Hi all, new to blender and just messing about at moment, trying to make a basic ocean animation for a uni project I am doing.

When it comes to entering the animation and watching it, the screen goes all blue then jumps to the animation and back. As per screen shots.

Help appreciated, let me know what setting you will need to see to help diagnose, as again I am new to this and don’t know what information is important.

thanks in advance.

new user so i couldn’t post both images in 1 post.

Hello. Don’t know if this will help but it sounds like your playback is dropping frames. Try going into your timeline, click on the playback button & change it from auto sync to no sync. Hope it helps. Good luck.

I have checked and I was already in that setting. Strangely it is no longer doing it on this ocean animation I was doing but the animation has combined this ocean to a gate one I was doing and now i have gates opening in an ocean, then the ocean stops moving…

no idea what is going on…

I maybe should learn all functions etc. before attempting work.

Thank you very much for your help regardless.

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I hate to laugh at that but it does sound kinda funny. Gates opening in the middle of an ocean. :blush: I don’t know what the issue could be but I do wish you luck.