New to this and need some advice

As you can see, im starting to learn 3d modeling and whatnot as per the usual IM GONNA MAKE GRASS!!! path many blender noobs seem to follow.

I dont think i did too bad in my first 24 hours. However, I am in dire need of some advice.

As you can see, the tree and flowers and rocks all look decent on their own, but against the backdrop of the particle hair i used to make my grass, they stand out horribly. what can i do, if anything, to make the contrast not quite so obvious? and any other advice is greatly appreciated.

The grass is really good imo, just add something IN the background.
Instead of this one tree add a forest in the background, or a house or something.

I agree that your grass is good; very good. I especially like the brownish areas mixed in with the green grass. They add a touch of reality.

Part of what I see as a problem is that your “hill” is planar instead of bending off at the top. I agree with DDD that it needs something behind it, but it could also be just a couple of clouds in the sky.

As far as the rocks are concerned, their problem is that they have been dropped on top of the grass instead of being embedded in the soil. Try bending the surface up a little bit to meet them (soil washed in under them) and see if they don’t look better. You seem to have done this with the one in the center. I wouldn’t change that one.

If this is your 24 hour sample, I’m just going to have to work a lot harder. My 24 hour was a decorated cylinder.

  1. Remove the flowers in the center. They just draw attention and don’t really fit the image.
  2. The tree leaves look plastic. Try adding translucency to them.
  3. It’s hard to tell, but did you do self-shadowing for grass?

i will start working on everyones suggestions now, thank you all for the advice. I will post againt with mor eupdated results later, but this is the render in its current standing.