New to this forum

New to this forum, Blender user for about 6 month. One note on image the original idea was for this render to be B&W, decided to go with the gold watch finish, also meant to have some background out of focus.
Any comments or criticisms appreciated.
Thanks in advance for your feedback


Welcome to Blender Artists, rickles13! I wonder that no one has commented on your good start. Modelling and texturing look good. The paper could use a bit more of roughness and more brilliant reflections on the clock’s metal could also add to it. Did you use an HDR image for lighting?

Other than that good work, so far. Keep it up :slight_smile:

As minoribus said; welcome!

As he has also mentioned… the paper could use a bit more roughness, and seeing as it seems to be an old timey newspaper… I think the ink could use a tiny bit of reflectivity.

Looking very nice though.

Impressive and welcome! The title of thread is what is getting this ignored. :wink: