New to.. well everything. need help grouping

Ok… so i just downloaded this program today. I generally use programs without reading but this one i had to do a bit of research.

In the long run i am going to make a video (hopefully) using this program. I am tring to get a headstart before i go to college for this. is my first project

all i have so far is the shell. it looks amost perfect so far but here are some basic problems i am having and i cant seem to find anything on them.

  1. the outer edge of the shell is white. for the life of me i cant get a whit color to pop up on the shell. just the normal default grey. how in the world do you get white. i cick on white and it is grey… i move the color to grey and it doesnt even change. (all other colors are working just fine)

problem 2. hiding / deleting the lattice.

I used a sphere to create the shell and a donut to create the outer edge of the shell. i used the lattice to deform the object to get the top part of the shell. Now the problem i cant seem to get around it the lattice being in the way as it would seem.

I need to be able to move the shell in order to create the rest of the picture. (i need to learn how to animate before i go any further then the shell i would think) but when i move the shell i only move pieces of it.

So… do i just parrent all the lattices and shell pieces together in order to make them one piece… and then hide the lattic on a different layer? or… is there a way to delete the lattice and have the object stay and not revert back to the origional position?

Also… if i try to select everything and parent it then i get “error- loop in parents” i then click ok and everything goes all jacked up.