New tool: vertex group assignment via envelopes

Hi there!

I thougt why not dropping a line here too about the python tool set for weight assignment with envelopes that I’m creating.

I have posted an introduction to it in the other forum:

This looks great except I can’t find any link to the script!

Ooooo I’m looking foward to this one! Looks great so far. Will this also copy constraints on the armatures and their values?

My 3d characters will move with even more quality and ease with a script like yours. Thanks! I’m looking forward to using it.


Way to go, Jox :wink:

Go for it! :smiley:

I absolutely love all this!
Just a question: will the envelopes be used to “smooth” the deformation issues of a rigged mesh (some like the Maya’s envelopes, if I’m not wrong)?


Fantastic !! Can’t wait to try it :smiley:

Hey, thank you for all the nice feedback! I have just announced something here:

…and published the envelope tool (Blender Envelope Suite) here:

It’s all unfinished and done in a hurry, but I just couldn’t let you wait! :slight_smile:

It’s planned!


It’s planned!