new toy - Now With UndoMode and Mirroring - update Nov 12

Here is a quick flash animation showing it in action

(it is much faster than the video shows, the flash is timelapsed so it is reduced size…)

and here are directions on downloading and using

latest version is

any feedback would be appreciated.


Looks neat from the video. I’ll have to give it a try soon enough to see how useful it is :wink:
Looks like we can finally create reasonable claymation in blender though :smiley:

Looks very very nice! Is this going to be in 2.35?

It might be bundled with 2.35 (it appears to be still undecided…), but more feedback from users is desired.

If I can get a lot of feedback over the nextday or so, especially if there are few negative issues, then that will increase the likelihood that it will be.

Also I think there was a request on elysiun asking for what scripts you would like bundled with blender - letting the python dev team know that you would like this bundled would probably also improve the likelihood of it getting bundled.

Thus if you can download, test, and give feedback, it would be appreciated.


Here is a minor update

The changes are that it updates when you zoom in or out. Thus no more possibility of odd display results on that front. Also it autoscales the starting selection size and displacement height to the selected mesh. Lastly you can use FKEY to flip the direction of displacement (Or edit it to be the key of your choice… but don’t use CTRL, ALT or SHIFT …).


setup linux/latest cvs

cube in 3d window / scripts window / buttons

try to load script get the version mismatch error

try to right click on cube nothing happens / although it can be moved with the mouse


wow looks fantastic.

Zbrush here we come (well i can only hope :P)

letterrip may i add a few suggestions that could be possibly added to your script (i am not sure but its worth a shot)

Use texture for displacement. either in relation to the brush location, or to the mesh/texture co-ordinates.

we have these beautiful displacement maps now, if only we could turn them into real modelling somehow.

although this might already be a function, i am not sure.

looks fantastic though :smiley: really looking forawrd to it.


Regarding the version type mismatch - we still aren’t 2.35, if you read the directions it says to ignore that error.

How subidivided is the cube? Subdivide it (using the w key) to say 1000 faces at least (I work on 20,000 as my typical testing setup, but anything above 300 is okay). It does work on an unsubdivided cube, but you have to be really close to the vert and drag the mouse near it slowly. (Okay I should probably add that to known limitations…)


Use texture for displacement. either in relation to the brush location, or to the mesh/texture co-ordinates.

You mean like alphamasks? Or something else? I have a version that uses them. But I haven’t done image loading code, so the masks have to be hand coded (ie create a array of values) or done algorithmically (which is how I was using it…). I haven’t figured out how to project the alphamask to local coordinates so it is on the back burner for a little while (They can use screen coordinates, but the problem is that it gives inconsistent results…).

I’ve been told there are plans to make this a native tool (ie code it into C) for 2.36 and thus I’m holding off on some of the enhancements I had planned since they are a lot easier to do in C due to access to more of the native functions.


Mirroring WORKS!

I had done some mirroring code and it was giving really bizarre results so I left it alone.

Had a look tonight and found an obvious bug (DOH!).

I can now do perfect mirroring on fairly simple meshes (1500 face subdivided cube).

If I scale the cube really large then I can do even larger meshes.

I might release it tommorrow to play with…


yipi yipi yipi

an zbrush on blender…

I’ll teste this immediatry for my sheep brain modeling…

big up to you to make me discover this tool ;)…

OKay you can now download the mirroring version,

see the link on the first post, the version 12 is what you want.


blender has been progressing alot lately and is looking really good, i like this new scultping tool ill have too try it soon :smiley: and yes Alltaken Zbrush here we come! :smiley:

I got an error while trying to run the script…

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "sculpt_mesh_local_fas", line 579, in ?
  File "sculpt_mesh_local_fas", line 504, in main
AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'GetPerspMatrix'

EDIT: Never mind! I was being foolish and did not read the instructions. I’ve downloaded the testing build, and it works fine :wink: Now I have to try doing things with it…

A few notes…
any change of view, regardless of whether I’m hitting 1 on my numpad (well, emulated numpad ;)) or pressing z to switch to shaded mode… thesse things don’t change in the view until I rotate the view.
It’s very difficult for me to tell where I’m going to be sculpting from… it would be useful if it would somehow indicate what part of the mesh I was going to be deforming. I dunno if that’s planned or not, but it would make this tool so much more useful (if it’s even possible).

Really small bug :
the displacement size is set to zero by default if you are painting on a plane.

I made some tests on a cube :

Quite fun :slight_smile:
What would be great is : Adaptive subdivide : if the brush is smaller than the mesh, then it subdivides localy.

  • A ‘Rasterised mode’ The displace is along the sculpted faces normal, not the original ones. Actually it can be done by restarting the script, but it would be better if we can choose original mesh, or modified mesh normal when using the script :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback,


I have a version with a selection circle, but it only works correctly on a different version of the script that does displacement based on screen coordinates instead of local coordinates.

I’ve got to think a bit about the correct way to port it.(hmmm light bulb just popped above head)

Thanks for noting that bug rgarding the view change a z key, I’ll see if I can fix it real quick, my guess is that a redraw isn’t happening for some reason…


thanks for the report - I’ve just fixed the bug regarding the plane.

Will post an update shortly,

adaptive subdivide is planned, but will have to wait.
ditto for rasterized mode.

Thanks for the feedback.


Okay all bugs reported are fixed

The bugs were that keyboard zoom didn’t update, ZKEY didn’t update, and the displacement for a plane was wrong.

This should correct all three bugs.


great !
your script is better and better day by day. It will be an awesome tool when it will be finished. I hope someone will integrate it in the edit meshmenu for the next official release :slight_smile:

Another bug fix, forgot to check the entire matrix, thus didn’t update on panning


Okay I have a selection circle that works, but it slows down the script on my computer bigtime (I’ve got an ati card so that might be why, probably need to use a different buffer setup…).

I’ll try and post it either tonight or tommorrow(am away from my computer so not sure when exactly…).