new toy - Now With UndoMode and Mirroring - update Nov 12

Here is the version with undomode

use UKEY to toggle it on and off.


Will there ever be tablet support?

Michael Schardt, my coauthor is working on tablet support.

See this thread

However please note that it is windows only at the moment and is not integrated with the script yet.

So the short answer is yes for windows in the near future.


Seems like an excelent tool for making terrain and rocks i would love to see this in mainstream blender!

For those of you who haven’t downloaded and tried it, can you tell me why not?

I can understand for OS X, but if you are on windows or linux it seems kind of odd.


letter rip, well i generally don’t download things till they are finished (just a personal thing i don’t do i guess).

however i guess i can make an exception and try give some feedback as to how i find it.