New transformation manipulator (second proposal preview)


Some advantages of the second proposal:

  • Faster workflow having most tools used when modelling one click away, always present and in one place (mostly with “interface B” of proposal B).
  • All tools are graphical. For some artists feels more natural, is useful for tablets users, and easier to learn for newcomers.
  • The possibility of using fullscreen 3D view most of the time when modelling since all the tools would be on the 3D view.
  • Extrude reorientation speeds up successive extrusions that bend, simplifying the move-rotate steps that would be needed for the same task.
  • With extrusion + inset/outset combined in one tool less steps are needed.
  • Normal move tool makes always available the most used movement in organic modelling no matter what orientation the manipulator has.
  • Normal move (per-vertex) tool speeds up the normal movement workflow not requiring vertex selection before moving.
  • Trackball rotation.
  • Orientation tool lets save a custom orientation for the manipulator with great level of control, to use at any time and change it whenever is necessary, and lets have a quicker access to the standard orientations.
  • Default manipulator for bones improves workflow when posing, letting the user associate a bone with a manipulator and an orientation for that manipulator. Some bones are always used in the same way, so using this tool it’s not needed to change manually the manipulator and set the orientation, it appears the best manipulator (chosen by user) for a bone just clicking the bone.
  • Toggle subdivision on/off, gives a quick access to disable subdivision view for the object which gives faster response when posing or modelling, and then turning it on again.
  • Preselection highlighting, helps avoiding mistakes when selecting on areas with many vertexes/edges/faces, and helps visualize edge loops/rings and face rings.
  • Loop/Ring selection tools, improve workflow when selecting many edge rings/loops.
  • Vertex sliding tool, allows vertexes to be slided over the edges they belong to.
  • Saving custom manipulator combinations for quicker access (“Interface A” of proposal B).
  • Modular implementation of tools let the users decide which they want to use.
  • No conflicts with Hotkeys allows the combined use of manipulator and Hotkeys.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------

[First proposal]
I designed a new transformation manipulator that I think could improve the modelling workflow, and is completely graphical which could make it more friendly for new Blender users.

Here are some images that descript it’s components and usage:

Here is the BLEND file with the transformation gizmo model:
(use the camera to view the model instead of the viewport)

Some advantages:

  • All movements accesible in a visual way, good for new Blender users that will not need to know about SHIFT key to constraint movement or scale into two axis. Some similarities with 3DS may make it easier for newcomers too.
  • The addition of “Normal” movement improves workflow since it’s one of the most used axis when modelling (mostly organic), and this way the modeler can maintain “Global” orientation for the manipulator and not need to go back and forth “Normal” to “Global” orientation.
  • Also the two Slide options improve workflow, the user is one click away to slide vertex loops, or slide single vertexes.
  • Rotation can be done in more than one axis at a time.

I like the edge loop slide gizmo

I always hide all gizmos in Blender. :slight_smile:

yes, nice examples. I like the edge-loop.

but maybe this idea should be attached to all poly tools: like extrude-offset, bevel-offset and bevel-segments,…
maybe like a head-up-display/popup-display, which shows the attributes of the current tool, which data can be altered after the tool was called (a little bit like construction history, didn’t Matt Ebb made something with the modifier stack???:spin:)

the rest would be clutter for me, especially the combined one.

Anyway, nice…:wink:


I like the new rectangle
they may not look nice on the combined one
but that can be fixed with the users ideas
the new slide manipulator looks great too

nice work :slight_smile:

You know, with some clean-up, I could see that working really well. That’s a cool set-up, and almost doubly so because you went to the trouble of the mock-ups.

i don’t really use the widget, so don’t think i have much to say(nor much right to say anything) about it, but i guess it could be useful for some newbies… :slight_smile:

though as BlackBoe said, with* some cleaning up… :wink:

*edited(a typo)

Hey, I use the widget. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately it’s not really possible yet to do highlighting :frowning:

Well, it is, but without the event refactor (or a refactor of the manipulators) it will be One Big Ugly Hack.

I use a graphics tablet all of the time so the widget is quite handy. The proposed widget would be great and save a lot of movement back and forth.


I know how to move, rotate, and scale an object using the keyboard and mouse so I don’t need to use those things. Sometimes I forget to turn it off and I move a nicely placed object accidently:rolleyes:

I just use the move one sometimes because it is enabled by default.
Hot keys are essential to learning blender in my opinion.

I like the new widgets concept art tho :slight_smile:

BTW the manipulators are nice for animating (to those who wonder why they exist other then to make newbies happy). Anyway, the rectangles for planier constraining are definitely needed, and the rest looks cool too :slight_smile:


I would definitely use something like this! :yes:

The “normal” arrow would be very useful.

Thank Go… I mean, Ton for Ctrl+Z! :RocknRoll:

No, they aren’t. You can already do that by Shift-Clicking on the axis perpendicular to the plane you want to constrain to.


Perhaps not ‘needed’ but they would be useful as an option. The shift click isn’t very obvious, it’s only something you’ll find by reading the small print on the manipulator docs.

It would also be very useful to have a ‘trackball’ rotation thing on the manipulator rather than only as R,R (which again is very opaque).

Vertex and Edge-loop slide are two options that i would definitely use, and i’m someone who turns off manipulators.

Very impressive ideas indeed.

I like the idea, transform manipulator was the thing that got me to see blender with new eyes and spend enough time with it to appreciate those hot keys, my opinion of pre 2.37 blenders wasn’t very complimentary and now I use nothing else, the only problem I have with it is the “sticky” feature in blender, so that unlike max clicking through it to select is impossible.