New Tutorial - 16 Awesome Modelling Tools

Hey Blenderheads!

So I have a new tutorial online, covering 16 modelling tools I use the most often when working. Each tool/function has its own intro and they’re separated into individual parts…though not with the “P” shortcut. It’s my best tutorial so far, if I say so myself :smiley:

Also, as with all my other tutorials, it’s in full 1280x720 HD – ok, little disclaimer, the Vimeo version is slightly crappy for a few seconds right at the beginning (due to the .wmv-to-.mp4 conversion to bring down the file size), but it quickly settles into nice, high-definition images.

YouTube link also includes the Playlist :smiley:

Anyway, that’s pretty much it.



Thanks MeshWeaver, I love modeling tutorials!

I mean… did I say WOW?!?

I would not call them awsome, all of them are very basic. Nevertheless thanks for your time - I bet it’s a great clip especially for the beginners.

Great tutorials MeshWeaver. I’ll recommend them to my friend who is just starting to learn Blender :smiley:

wow, thanks everyone! :smiley:

well, yeah, most of my tutorials are concentrated on the Basics - I do have one or two more specific ones (such as the Super Mushroom tutorial), but my main focus is the basics…for now :wink: thanks though :smiley:

@NinthJake - oh, cool :smiley: thanks!

sorry to double-post and bump the thread up, but I just wanted to say a big thanks to everyone for the 1,499 views on Vimeo today :smiley: I was shocked when I saw the number the first time, it was around 900, and it just keeps going up!


yeah thanks bro. I downloaded the tutorial from vimeo and ill watch it sometime but it looks good.