New Tutorial - Basics of Unwrapping

Hey Blenderheads :smiley:

So, I have anew tutorial on Vimeo, called “The Basics of Unwrapping”. It’s in HD, of course, as with most of my tutorials. It’s a 16-17minute video, and I go over the basics of unwrapping both a Cube and a Sphere. The textures I used will be uploaded to my DevianART account so you’ll be able to use them for the tutorial.

here’s the link:

Also, this is my first tutorial that I’ve uploaded both to Vimeo AND YouTube! It’s in two parts on YouTube, due to the 10minute restriction thing.

Check it out!

YouTube, Part 1:
YouTube, Part 2:

Hope you like it! :smiley:


p.s. btw, does anyone know how to link two videos on YouTube so that they play one after another? I’d like to link Part 1 and 2 in that manner. Thanks!