New Tutorial Course Needs Help

Hi There,

I’m looking at releasing a FREE A-Z Beginner series about starting to use blender,
covering all the major topics in small detail.

Then the Intermediate level dives into much more detail,
PLUS adds a few topics that were missed out,
PLUS introduces animation

Then The Advanced one will teach an assortmant of different skills,
these are including but not limited to:

  • Efficient Topology
  • Advanced Sculpting
  • Time Saving Techniques
  • Time Efficiency
  • PLUS loads more

I’m looking for people to help decide exactly what gets learned at which point in the course?
after Advanced, i was going to release specific series’s covering say particles, animation, photoshop etc

For now i ONLY want ideas for the beginner course and where they should learn it

thanks guys!

Last Updated: 18/06/2014

Beginner Course

Chapter 01 - Setting Up Blender

  • Downloading & Installing
  • Setting Up Preferences & Preparing The Start Up File
  • CPU/GPU Settings Including Tile Sizes
  • Themes & Addons

Chapter 02 - Theory Lecture

  • Pipeline Theory (a 5min intro to the topics about to be discussed)

Chapter 03 - Modelling

Modelling Theory

  • Panning, Zooming, Rotating The View,
    Adding Objects,
    Selecting Objects,
    Deleting Objects
  • Grab, Scale & Rotate + Axis Control
  • All Of The Above In Edit Mode
  • Extruding & Loopcuts
  • Smooth Shading & SubD Surface
  • Box Modeling Practice

Materials & Textures Theory

Rendering Theory

Compositing Theory

Optional Hardware Required and Reccommended?

Please keep adding ideas!

This is an excellent idea. It’s great that you’re doing this, so I just wanted to put it on record that this endeavour is awesome news!

I think you should add a little theory on which graphic cards to choose and PC specs (This is a very hot question on BA imo). A comparison table and links to benchmarks maybe?

I also think you should have a separate tut only for modifiers. Similarly, small, separate videos for materials and physics? That’ll make learning a bit organized I think.

Also add Bevel tool in edit mode?

I have a few more ideas, if you’d like, I can PM them to you.

Cheers, and good luck!

chuck them all on here :slight_smile:
id love to hear all the ideas you have!

i would like to do this all for free to share the knowledge of blender and open source-ness! haha

materials and basic modifiers will be in the begginner series but physics will be left out till advanced i believe as there is still animation to teach in the middle :slight_smile:

The graphics card idea is perfect and i will include this aswell :slight_smile:

i do plan on making a big repository of 5 min videos on materials,
where i explain step by step how i made advanced material node setups.
PLUS, including the download :slight_smile:

I would also like to announce that i am setting myself up on patreon!
and i will release all videos on patreon before they go anywhere else!
also, i will try and make tutorials for individual questions made by my supporters on patreon!

its basically kickstarter in the sense of crowdfunding, but its little and often rather than lumpsums!
Where your fans CHOOSE to pay you to carry on making content on a per-video basis :slight_smile:
The average amount is $7 per video released, but even $1 is more than enough!

if you think $1 isnt enough or isnt worth it, IT IS!!!
if i even get 1 supporter it will encourage me to make a ton more videos :slight_smile:

i will release the link later in this thread as i need to make a welcome video and thank you video etc!

you can set monthly caps aswell! so dont worry!
Just set like $1 per video and $4 cap per month then if i ever release more than 1 video per week its the same price for you!

Sounds like an excellent idea!Perhaps you could consider text-based counterparts to the videos, so as such they could be updated as times change if needed?
If I can help in any way, then please say the word. (:

I plan on writing up all the speech and include screenshots for people with poor internet speeds etc…
i know some people are unfortunate enough to live in an area where fiber optics are un-heard of!

i dont think theres anything i really need help with, but thanks for the suggestion!

one thing i could do with is feedback on videos so i can improve on them before final release :slight_smile:
but i only have 2 videos recorded so far :confused:

(i have about 15 roughs, but they are by no-means ready for the public lol)

Just going to give this a friendly bump as i still need some ideas etc :slight_smile:

im recording tonight, ill have patreon account sorted by tonight too!

i could help you out if you need a second tutor!

im worried about the clarity of my voice :frowning:
i have a little bit of a deep, husky voice, that seems a little unclear digitally…

no accents though :slight_smile:

@daniel97 Thanks for the offer! But i think im good for now!
@muscleboii Thanks again for the offer! I could POSSIBLY use your offer to speed things up? lemme see how it goes after the first 2 chapters are done :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys!

okay lemme just put it out there…
would anybody be interested in donating $1 per Tutorial i release to help get these out quicker and improve on their quality?

cause im pretty skint, and dont wanna risk buying a decent mike to find that nobody watches these tuts…

im not asking you to do it, just asking if you would when the time came to it?

And a quick update!
Pipeline Theory Audio is almost done, now i just need a quick slideshow or something visual to go with it :slight_smile:


although chapter 1 is complete, its not so good so i will re-record that!
but it wont take long as its basically already done!

Edited the structure for learning in response to some feedback i got.

it involves splitting the theory up as shown.

okay Woop Woop!

My Patreon page is live!
New content will be on there before the end of tomorrow :slight_smile:

Im thinking of doing loads of bite size tutorials?
im talking about 2-5min tutorials on average for the first few chapters at least…

this allows a user to easily re-learn a topic they forgot, with minimal time lost :slight_smile:

i encourage you all to tell me what you want to see in these videos?

that is the raw footage with no edits, and me sniffing cause im ill lol.
what would you like me to do to improve on the videos before they are released to the public?

(Remember that its not the content you are judging, its my husky voice, the speed of my talking, how much i hold your attention, whether i should have some branding “intro” first, what in-video programming i should have?)

Be a bit louder? I suppose you can amplify while editing, so just a thought.

Also, I think you should be a bit more open and casual, so that it keeps the tutorial fun and interesting.
Maybe you can add a little 3D logo animation right at the start (5-8 seconds-ish)?
Oh, and please use the screencast keys addon. It makes things loads easier for new guys tryng to figure out shortcuts!

Otherwise, its pretty nice. The sniffing isn’t too prominent :slight_smile:


thanks dude :slight_smile:

its my first attempt at a proffessional standerd video so… :stuck_out_tongue:

Im passionate to get it right though :slight_smile:

And duhhhhh, screencast is a must lol cant believe i forgot it :frowning:

Okay, sorry its been so long before any updates guys…

tonight i will start releasing the videos at least weekly
Look forward to all your reviews!