New Tutorial - How to create a grimy barrel scene in Blender and Substance Painter

Given Substance Painter has just become free to download for student/teacher non-commercial purposes I felt it was an ideal time to revisit the Blender/Substance Painter workflow.

In this tutorial we will be creating a full scene from scratch, starting with modelling, UV preparation and lighting, then exporting over to Substance Painter where we’ll learn the basics of what Painter has to offer. After that we head back to Blender, bring in the textures we’ve generated, create the materials and finally finish up with rendering and a touch of compositing.

SP2Blend Substance Painter Shader:

Alas, SP is only available for actual students, not all non-commercial use, the educational license requires you have a valid student card. As a hobbyist, I’d still have to fork out a substantial amount of cash for it. :frowning: