new tutorial on cmivfx

You need a decent connection and a account. But very well done.

Oh man… you posted it before I got a chance to. You’re quick! :slight_smile:

Yes, there is a free tutorial available through a partnership between CG Channel and cmiVFX. I created the animation and the tutorial. It’s a bit over 30 minutes long and will be available through CG Channel for the next 30 days. If you’re curious to know what the finished animation for this tutorial looks like, I posted a link to it in this thread.

Thanks for checking it out ibkanat!

Very impressed. I just got the email in my in-box so I had to check it out. Very nicely done indeed. I hope that you have time for more in the future really shows off your understanding.

wow, this tutorial is awesome! i couldnt get my mind wrapped around nodes regarding compositing, and sure this video helped to clear things up a lot. worth the registration, thanks for the tutorial maker and for the news! :slight_smile:

Thanks gaalgergely! The project and the tutorial were a blast to make. I’m very pleased to see that you got so much value from it.

@ibkanat: Awesome man! I’ll definitely be doing more video tutorials in the future… and I’ll definitely announce it here when they’re done.

I haven’t managed to watch it all yet (rubbish internet connection!), but it looks really awesome - thanks so much.
Are you going to provide a .blend file at all? I sometimes find that helpful to follow what’s going on…

Thanks again!

Excellent tutorial, very professional!

That was a very neat tutorial. Using the compositor looks like
so much fun… I should use it more.

Is there an option on their site somewhere to just outright download the videos?

The player usually decides it can’t find my username, and when it did (once) and I let the video load completely before watching, it was terribly laggy; unwatchable.

Wow. From the looks of things, it looks like we (the Blender community) have slashdotted the cmiVFX servers. I just talked with the people over there and it would appear that the situation has been resolved. Apparently this tutorial has had the highest demand of any of the tutorials available through their on-demand player.

I’m grateful that you guys are so interested in this tutorial. It definitely makes me want to create a lot more.

Also, @Coalth, since this is an on-demand service, I’m fairly certain that there’s not a way to download the video outright. That said, I will be releasing the .blend file for that tutorial very shortly (once I figure a way to reduce the file size so my webhost doesn’t scream at me). That should help you guys follow along a lot better.

Currently the .blend file is about 35MB with the textures packed into it. If anyone is interested in helping mirror the file, please post here or PM me. I’ll contact you as soon as the file is ready.

Thanks again, guys. I’m really pleased that you find this useful.

Thanks for the tutorial Fweeb.
Much appreciated.
I’m going to have to watch it a few times to get what’s going on, but it’s a great help.


Not sure what OS you’re using, but most OSs will cache the video on your hard drive.

For WinXP, it’s placed in a hidden directory, so you’ll need to show all files/dirs.

It’ll be at:

C:\Documents and Settings"Computer Name"\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\

Sort the files in the dir by size; large at the top - it’ll be a fairly large (51 MB or so) .flv file.

Open another Windows Explorer window and copy it to another directory.
Then just play it using a .flv player. Search the net for one if you don’t already have one.

Part of this is cross-posted from my company’s projects blog, so forgive me if you’ve already read this:

I’m releasing the .blend file that was used to create that tutorial.

A couple important notes:

First, this .blend was created with a development version of Blender. This is important because the revision that was used is before the ‘infamous’ Jahka particle branch was merged with the main development trunk. So if you desire for this .blend file to render as it is in the tutorial, you’ll need to use Revision 12676 (or one near to it). BF-Builds that that you can find on that are dated before (but near) 26 November 2007 should work well. The biggest new features that this .blend file uses are Edit-mode UV unwrap, object selectability in the Outliner, and the Glare node in the compositor

The other thing to note is that this file is being released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. This means you can use it for whatever purpose you like, so long as you give credit to Hand Turkey Studios for creating the original .blend and animation. I appreciate that the good folks at cmiVFX agreed that releasing this .blend would be a good idea.

And with that, here’s what you’re actually looking for (or what you’ve skipped ahead and when directly to click on). It’s a 36MB file with the textures packed into it. Right-click and save as… also, please be kind to my webhost and take advantage of the kind people willing to mirror this file:

Additional mirrors (and perhaps a torrent) will be added to this post. If anyone else is willing to mirror this file, please send me a PM.

Have fun!


I’m really quite interested in this tutorial.

However, I cannot justify giving out my e-mail to register in order for a single tutorial on a site I will probably never use again. Unless I find out that either this is one of a series of excellent Blender tutorials or that there is other good Blender related stuff on the site, I won’t register.

Of course, I could give out a fake e-mail and fake credentials (which I’m sure a lot of people have done) but that would really serve nobody. Firstly it feels dirty giving false information and secondly it fills their database with crap. Then there are those who don’t mind giving out personal information on any whim but some of us worry about spam and privacy.

Anyway, thanks a bunch for the .blend file! I’m rendering it out now and it is really interesting. I’m sure there is a fantastic tutorial that comes with it but until someone hosts it without requiring registration, I’ll probably never get to see it. Nevermind, I’m not complaining about your good work! Still feel it is a shame it isn’t really free in a no-strings-attached kind of way (like Blender). Oh nevermind.


Hi Koba,

While I certainly understand where you’re coming from, I’m unsure of what I can do to resolve that problem. cmiVFX is the same company that produced and distributes my training DVD on Blender’s fluid simulator and I know I intend on creating more training videos for them. I do believe that the tutorials for the fluids DVD are also currently available on their site. However, I cannot say that those tutorials or future ones that they host will be free. It’s not my decision to make.

cmiVFX is pretty unique in that they’re one of the few companies that I know of which is offering all of their training videos online. In fact, it appears that, aside from special orders, they’ve stopped selling DVD’s altogether. Based on that, it seems that this angle is working for them, and I certainly hope that continues to, because there are some pretty nice advantages to having quality training videos that are available online.

That said, I’m very pleased that you’re enjoying the .blend file. If you, or anyone else for that matter, have any specific questions about this or any of the training materials I’ve created, please do not hesitate in contacting me directly. I’m more than willing to answer questions and help you where I am able.

I definitely enjoy creating these videos and it’s very gratifying to know that people are finding them valuable to increasing their understanding of Blender and computer graphics. I will certainly be creating more training videos in the future. And if I have my way, I will release the .blend files for those tutorials as well.

There’s always
I’m not sure where that fits in terms of ethics etc though.


I understand your position completely. Despite being an open source guy, I kinda prefer it when tutorials are actually sold - then you can make money making Blender tutorials (which is great). There are those people who seem to think that nothing is quality without playing for it - “professional” tutorials promote Blender’s image.

Essentially, if something claims to be free, then great! But then I expect no strings attached. If it is paying, then that is fine too - at least I know where I stand. However, I don’t like it when something mascerades as free but is hiding behind something else - even a simple registration form. Same reason I hate shareware and adware.

Anyway, I’m sure we understand each other’s positions on the issue. I’ve been rendering out the scene for quite a few hours now and I’m sure I’ll be able to learn lots from the .blend file alone!

Thanks again,


I have been signed up with them for quite some time havent noticed any problems spam etc. There are lots of great other free tutorials on subjects that interested me. Motion tracking with PF Track, fusion, and other ones that I think hmmm how could I do this in blender. It is helpful for me to see what the pros are using and doing. Thats why I like fxguide and their fxguidetv. That and they have a red camera. Sorry I sound like an ad. I am not really:o.