New Tutorial on Constraints

(malefico) #1

S68’s tute rulez, so I decided to add my 2 cents to it :smiley:

Check it out.
(ok, the english version MIGHT have a couple of typos…)



(S68) #2


Liked it,

thanks cor quoting my tut :slight_smile: I’m planning to add the ‘tubes’ section to it soon!

Cool that you can do all that without armatures… but when you say in the end that it is better to do mechanics with simple meshes and then parent the fancy ones to them… the you could have used single bones in place of the simple meshes… or not?


(paradox) #3

Thanks malefico, good to see a new tute by you. Between you and S68 I’m getting tempted to do something mechanical. But first I have a couple more organic projects to finish first. It is also good to see more than one way to do something.


(malefico) #4

You could but it’s easier to find out if something is wrong using this kind of objects. Sometimes the pieces rotate over themselves so quickly (and so strange) that you may not notice it until it’s too late. That’s why I prefer parenting planes instead of just empties.