New tutorial series: Creating A Tree Using Nested Particle Systems

Hello everyone and welcome to my new video tutorials series!

In this tutorial we are going to experiment with nested particle systems in Blender.

In a few words, nested particle systems are particle systems inside other particle systems. This happens when you have an object that is already a particles generator and you use this object as a particle shape for another’s object particle system.

Unfortunately, Blender does not inherently support nested Blender system and will render only the first level of particles.

Is this a dead end?

Of course not! There is a workaround to this problem and the solution comes in the form of an underused modifier, known as the “Particle Instance Modifier”

In this tutorial we are going to use the Particle Instance Modifier to achieve the effect of nested particle systems. The specific example we are going to use to implement the technique is the creation of a tree, where all its components will be particles.

This is a multi-part tutorial divided into the following parts:

-Part 3: Applying forces to the tree (gravity, wind, turbulence) in order to animate it and make it look realistic. (Not available yet).

-Bonus part: Presenting another useful function of the particle instance modifier where an object deforms along the somehow predetermined path of an emitted particle (Not available yet).

I’ve uploaded the 3 first videos in my youtube channel. The rest will be uploaded soon. Part 2 is the critical video where I describe the particle instance modifier method for creating nested particle systems. I’d also advise to watch the introduction where I present thoroughly the modifier, its usage and its applications. Part 1 contains modelling and texturing of the tree components (leaves, branches and tree trunk).

I hope you’ll like the tutorial and find it useful for your projects!

P.S. I’m sorry for my crappy English and for the low volume of the part 2 video ( I had accidentally lowered the mic’s volume…). If you can’t understand something you are welcome to ask for further explanation.