New Tutorial(updated 4/22/04)

Hey all

I’ve finally finished a tutorial for setting up a game in blender

It covers
–Adding The Armatures
–Vertex Groups
–Bounding Boxes
–Player Script
–Walk cycles

It was my intention to make it for beginners but looking at it now it’s more for the intermediate
Game blender user

update … :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think about it :slight_smile:

other stuff

that is quite a lot of detail

tho, not not knowing that stuff I can’t be a good judge of its effectiveness

snailrose this is fantastic. You’ve put in a lot of time and effort here. I havn’t spent a huge amount of time looking throught it indepth yet but what I’ve seen impresses me. I hope that people who use this tutorial take the time to acknowledge your contribution and give you useful feedback (not like ‘snailrose this is fantastic’ :D) . I’d like to link to this from the ‘tutorials 4 people new to Blender’ post that is being slowly written (thats if it’s OK with you). Are you planning on keeping it at that address or is this temporary? I think the community owes people like you a tangible gift for your efforts.

I’ll get back to you when I’ve had a closer look.

Thanks again for this fantastic contribution!

Thanks I’m glad the time spent may aid someone in the process of
learning blender…
This community has helped me in the past; I’m just giving back

Yeah no problem…It’s in a temporary location right now until I can find a
better place for it…


WOW! :smiley: nice tutorial! im glad to see some new game tutorials out! :smiley:

Hello Snailrose

Great work (and amount of ). Very nice tutorial.
Very detailed.
But I guess too, that it’s more for intermediate users.
The script section is very useful
Thank you.

Yes great work snailrose. All you people who give your time to help others deserve a vote of thanks. I wish there had been some tuts like this when I first started with the game engine. I remember hunting around like crazy to find documentation.

I’ve only had a quick glance but I know the Python stuff will definitely help me.

Much appreciated! jrt.

:o :o :o Snailrose awesome. I’m not a noob, and I know how to do things in gameblender, but this even helps me. Can you please make some more python tutorials combinated with characters or enviroments. It’s soo cool, I mean I’m figuring out how to make the ai more complex. Awesome work, head off :Z > 8)

Hey thanks everyone…
If enough of you think you could benefit from python tutorials.
I would be glad to write one…
And if you’re really intent on learning python…
This book has helped me out a lot :smiley:
learning python

Lol, despite what u_do_u_r says, I’ve got to say it, this is fantastic. But wow, this is a very detailed tutorial and to just say that it’s fantastic or just great would do you injustice. :o :stuck_out_tongue: Lol, I might even dare say this might be even more informative then the Blender GameKit.

When JD-multi gets the site up, this should definitely be one of the tutorials posted on it.

Thanks for this great in depth tutorial. I’ll be one of the many that’ll learn many things from it. (:o bewildered by the sheer size, detail and time you put into this tutorial)

Jason Lin

That’s a verry nice tutorial. It’s well designed and covers many topics. Great job snailrose! :smiley:

Good work! :slight_smile:

wow this tutorial is crazy O_O i must use it :smiley: great job!

I am working through this :o - it seems to have a lot of the info I need. I am really a beginner, so I don’t have a lot of blender background so my comments are meant to help make this tutorial more usable for some one like me.

Basically, it is this: the instructions work very well in getting to the specific result aimed at in the tutorial, but there is so little explanation that real in-depth understanding is hard to come by. The comments are pretty much like the kind of comments you would expect in source code - they assume familiarity with the concepts behind the language.

If, like me, you don’t have those concepts, then the usefulness is reduced, and I find myself constantly asking “why did he do that?” and going off to find some other documentation to explain it. It is not always possible to find an explanation, and even if one exists it is very time consuming to track it down.

SInce this tutorial contains an end to end process for creating a complete game, then it could serve as a superb tutorial if only it contained a “why I did this” kind of explanation for each step.

I hesitate to ask the original author to devote even more of his time to the tutorial, but maybe the community could adopt the tutorial and collaboratively expand it with links to explain it. For instance, I am sure that there are docs which detail the “why” at various stages and the simple addition of a link would make understanding so much easier.

Sorry to rabbit on at such length, but I am working off a little frustration here. :expressionless:


Then I have failed to some extent
It was my intention to make it explain in great detail the creation process…
I will eventually go back and proof it and try to go into more detail…
Thanks for the honest and detailed reply :slight_smile:

If any one would like to add to this feel free to do so.
Maybe some other input could help it…

Back to work…:slight_smile:

I find this very useful, as im a newbie…

Thank You :smiley:

I didn’t mean to imply that the tutorial is no good - I have learned a great deal from it.
It’s really hard to write a good tutorial, and this one is good. I will get my “reward” after I submit my first effort, and some ungrateful wretch criticises it! :smiley:

Snailrose, that´s a very complete and usefult tut! Thanks a lot!


That tutorial is awesome!!! Proof it further and submit it to Computer Arts Magazine. Just make sure you keep rights to it, eh. Great work.

here’s the link

hey all thanks for the comments

–guru202: I may look into that
–peet: what i ment by that post was if it has raised more questions than answers than to some extent I have failed x), but I do plan to go back over each section and explain why i’m doing this thing;this way and so on

my python tutorial to be added on to this one, is slowly in progress.
I will post an updated version in a few weeks

thanks & later