New tutorial

(VelikM) #1

I’ve been working on this for the past week, I’m calling it done. This tut shows how to make Alpha Masks and apply them, as well as adding textures to Mist. Don’t know if it makes sense to any one but me :o but here it is (1.2m)

(pofo) #2


I like tute’s in pdf format, it makes it easy for me to save them on my comp until I might need them.

  1. pofo

(S68) #3

Cool :slight_smile:

me too love standalone tuts…


(kai_yak) #4

I am the only one that cant access this tut ???

Kai :frowning:

(dreamsgate) #5

I love PDF files, that way I can download and then actually read or do them when I find spare time (anyone have some spare time I can borrow? :wink: )

(VelikM) #6

It would seem so. How are you trying to access it? Try right clicking on the link (on the tutorial page) and choosing ‘save link as’ or what ever wording is used on your browser and save it to file. That should work unless you’re behind a firewall or on a system that doesn’t like PDF files.

(kai_yak) #7

Must be the firewall.



(harkyman) #8

Nice tutes. One thing that I missed, though, is a test render/image showing how things would theoretically look at each stage of your settings. I don’t always look at tutes when I have Blender available to test them right then and there.

Love the pdf format!

(VelikM) #9

I considered adding test renders, but desided keeping the file size down was more important. I’m going to rewrite the tut to make it a bit clearer, if I can keep the file size down I’ll add a couple of renders.

(bmax) #10

i prefer pdf (or any other downloadable format) than html, simply because i can simply download the tutorial and read it right away (and acrobat’s bookmark and pageview functions help around a lot) rather than be roaming through pages and pages of what can turn out to be useless…

that’s my 2 cents 8)