New Tutorial

Here’s a new tutorial I’ve created. It’ll teach people the basics of layer masks, texture painting, and blend modes. Looking back, I see that it’s not terribly well written, but it’s certainly servicable. And, as usualy thanks you to Blendenzo for hosting it.

Thanks for sharing! The highlights and shadows really take this texture very far, this demonstrates basic shading techniques in a way that anyone can comprehend. Thumbs up! :smiley:

Very nice. thanks
but with the bit where you add the thick black line for the grime. How do you get that new layer affected by the layer mask because mine just sits on top.

@ Larry: Make sure the layer’s blend mode is set to overlay (or multiply, if you want it more pronounced).

@Venom: Thanks. Like most of my tutorials, it was written less to teach people how to make cloth banners as it was to teach them the basics of several skills. THe Cloth Banner just happened to be an outlet.