New tutorials: Blender/Yafaray

I’ve just finished a third tutorial to use Yafaray, one of the external renders of Blender.
It deals with Interior lighting in a closed environment. It describes many features of Yafaray: lighting rigs, reflections, use of HDRI maps, Depth of Field, Caustics, Volumetrics, etc.

Check out the other tutorials to help you using Yafaray.

Some parts could be applied to Blender Internal and Luxrender too, another great external render.

Awesome, Bupla, simply awesome!
For someone willing to explore Yafaray your tutorials are pure gold!
Thanks mate!

thanks for adding some intro tut to int lighting in yafaray

on thing why use rounder room corner ?
real room dont’ really have rounded corners ?
unless special indirect lighting is use but this is a rare situtation

now there is this thing about HDRI hope i get the name right here!
theses map are high definition and not many are available free of copyright
but may be hopefully with time there will be some good one free to use at will!

also i would like to see some good tut on how to do the fuild simula and some good render results if it can be done with yafaray ?

this should be a very nice intro to fluid with yafaray but not certain if this can be done at all !

also another thing would it be possible to get some more sample files with simple scene
to demonstrate some of the doc features
it does not need to be very complicated but easy for noobie or other to get model working fast even if not totaly understood to make life easier for noobie and fast intro to use yafaray

i say that cause many peoples don’t want to learn yafaray cause it’s a little complicated at first to grasp all the subtle details on lighting and ambiant effects!

keep up the good work


Um… Perhaps they were trying to recreate the photography studio light setup in the first image?

Great tutorial.

Why do you actually use 4 mesh lights instead of using one area light
for the fill light? I am just curious because to what I know the mesh lights
are more noisy than the area lights.

For hdr maps check Paul Debevec’s homepage and

sorry but did not see much hdri pic available!
on this site i’v seen lots of things but no list of HDRI free pic to use?

but may be i’m wrong ?

the other sites alos did not see much free stuff

i did see a book about hdri

it is interesting but wish there was more HDRI pic free to use available like we do ahve some sky pic in a thread in this forum free to use

would like to see an equivalent for HRDI

(Found under Resources -> Light Probe Image Gallery)

Yeah, there are not many free HDRI Maps because they’re simply not that easy to make.

On topic: very nice tutorial, thank you for writing it. Although it’s nothing really new for me, it’s nice to see it summarized and explained for Yafaray specifically. Thank you!

Thanks for your comments.

Why do you actually use 4 mesh lights instead of using one area light
for the fill light? I am just curious because to what I know the mesh lights
are more noisy than the area lights.

You’re right, a fill light is usually one lamp, and in some cases apparently mesh lights are noisier than area lamps. But as I remember, I used 4 meshlights for light and reflections. That’s why I modeled them as window shapes. The great advantage of mesh lights is that you can shape them as you want. I may add a part on the tutorial to show the differences between shapes and a comparison with an area lamp.

Myke: yes, this tutorial is more a guide to beginner with some tips to enhance some scenes.

RickyBlender: Rhys on the Luxrender forum has published a list of links for textures and hdri..
As mentionned Hyperspace, the rounded corner room is a classical real studio setup (the first picture is not a render).

Great tutorial…very informative…thanks bupla…

1 - HDR
i tried to find it theses HDR map where free but did not see any limitations
anybody as seen something specific for license?

2 - round corner
well if that is a trick to be used it would be nice to see some good explanations
to understand what the differences are
and what are the advantages and disavantages!

i mean when i make a room i dont’ make corner rounded like that !

so if this is to give better lighting reflection or a more constant light for objects
then it’s another trick that can be use for ligthing objects in scene

i’v seen this done in real life for indirect lighting system to get constant lux illumination
in the center but this is rarely use otherwise !

i can make dwg to show the design we use for this specdail room !


A Rounded Corner Studio Setup don’t want to simulate a real room. It’s more abstract than this and the focus is all on the object. In some cases the wall edge could be a bit distracting. :wink:

but rounded corners will change the distribution of light
it may look better more uniform may be

but this may be and advantage to use it this trick !

usually in blender i don’t use rounder corners or rarely!

happy blendering

Rounded corner wall&floor is a standard setup for still pictures, not only in 3d apps but also in a real photo shooting process. It’s used to avoid distracting corners and/or to give the illusion of an infinite plane. The subtle differences in light bounces are not usually taken in count, since lighting is often very diffuse, but anyway one can deal with them tweaking lights power…

i find this very useful… really coool thanks alot