New tutorials

Well, I hate to be the one to do some noobish request for tutorials, but I was looking over 2.4 alpha and the release notes and realized I was lost. We’re obviously going to get lots of posts about how to use different features. So I’m wondering if people could take the initiative and lay stakes to making a tute for each feature. If you know armature envelopes, you can do a quick tute on that. Then put it all together and bam! you got a guide to the new Blender.

Anyone willing to donate their time to any of the new features?

The new Community Journal is coming out soon, (i.e. in about 1-2 weeks), and there will be some info/tutes on some of what you are asking for. I can’t be more specific, cause I want it to be a bit of a surprise. :wink:

Also, going forward, the CJ will have a new tutorial every issue. These will be written in Blender wikibook format so they can be inluded in the wikibook documentation and added to, edited, etc., when required. Makes everyhting more streamilned and located in the proper place too.


Ah, well that sounds splendid. Be sure to keep us all posted when it comes out!