New Tutorials?

Is there a place that has up-to-date tutorials for Blender? Or an up-to-date list of tutorials? Specifically, I’d like to learn how to make games in Blender, and learn how to rig models.

I read some way that there is complete tutorial on how using rig with blender 2.4 coming out soon. ( I am waiting for it)
my understanding is that amatures made with blender2.4 are not supported yet in the game engine or something to that effect. So you might want to find blender 3.37 - I am no expect in this

here a links that have helped me
good luck :slight_smile:

The blender wiki should be the place of focus for all things new and up to date but it is more of a reference than guides/tutorials. Recent development (i.e. a lot of it!) also means that the wiki is falling behind.

elYsiun is the best place at this time for finding tutorials and all things blender. A new forum might help.

P.S. Something needs to be done! Just registered