New Tutorials

Hey guys i’ve started to make tutorials…im pretty much open to making anything if you ask.

The first couple tutorials are:
blender basics
no python car
special effects
Sterio Optic 3d

then there is a video of me showing off some of the projects i’ve done in the past here

again im up for suggestions on what to do…hopefully for the game engine but i can still do other stuff

please creating tutorial 3d chibi anime manga for me in blender, please… as you see @ this picture

I really enjoyed your special effect video, and implimented it into my game. Thank you for the contribution and I hope to see more tutorials from you in the future.

Well done.

Day 2 & 3 are available from there also, while not chibi, it would just be a matter of altering the proportions / using a different reference image to model from :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for a tutorial on making a rapid-fire gun in blender 2.57. Can you do that?