New Tuts Needed ( blengines tuts gone as in gone )

I just recieved a PM from Blengine. His tuts are gone, as in gone. there are no backups. So, if anyone has been thinking about writing some game python tuts,… :frowning:

That sucks. :frowning:

Hopefully this will serve as a reminder for people to stick to the three most important rules of computing:

  1. Backup
  2. Backup
  3. Backup


Raseri, gone as in deleted, not lost.

Well about this, people think I’m just strange doing a blender website with blendersources server and so on, they think, why? Welll if you see this topic, you know why, I’m glad I have a copy of it somwhere in my blender liberary. Here a short what Blended Reality does.

Blended Reality

  • donate your tutorials, sources, games. And these file will be backuped.\
  • the main site provites a link to the files on the users website, when these are gone the backup will be uploaded to the main server and the files are available again.
  • easy share program BlenderSources, to upload your content in the dir of choice. These files will be backuped every day.
  • providing a huge liberary of learning content for blender 3D and it’s game engine.

The server is still being tested, and there’s comming an news vesion of the BlenderSources share program. (wait for topic)

Anyways, I’ll search for the tutorial he did on AI and 3th person mech game with python. Well if I can find it. :-?

Did you put the loop.blend (renamed infiniteplane.blend) file Sutabi wrote on there JD?

How come?

shbaz: Did you put the loop.blend (renamed infiniteplane.blend) file Sutabi wrote on there JD?

Not yet, This weekend I’ll clean the server of no extension files or not logic names and rename them. Then I’ll make some source ready for uploading and next week I try to put a huge list of files on it. :stuck_out_tongue: