new TV Spot

Dear people, here’s a new spot for the Architects Association of Córdoba. Hope you enjoy. 100% Blender. Textures with Gimp & Inkscape. :wink:


Simply great! Maybe you can share some process details?

it’s very simple, it’s made in three parts: the first one from start to the zoom out cenital city. It’s mainly a travelling. The objects are rough, like sketches, and the labyrinth it’s made of wireframe parts and solid copies, animated at different times. (they just come up from below a plane with only shadows that mask them). The second part is just a map with animated transparencies on every zone plus a zoom out. And the third one is a simple hierarchy on the logo parts, doing rotations (transformers inspiration!:)). The texts are unmasked by planes, and there it is!.
If you have some other question, feel free to ask! :smiley:

Brilliant and simple! Only question. How you make the wireframe parts?


A wireframe material! :smiley:
The black lines in the beginning are thin extruded lines, so that’s why look thinner with the distance.



thanks basse! :smiley:

i really love your “painting feel” of your renders (sorry for offtopic!)