New UI-Adjustment with Addons! > Blender 2.69

Link to the Gallery & download:

Hmmh, maybe it’s too early in the morning for me, but I don’t know what you want to say here.
Is this a new theme, a new addon? Where can I find it and where to download???

Hy tildee!
It is a little bit of all, means:

  1. Color Theme > turquoise title
  2. Adjustment > i creates some new Addons to reorder the integrated Functions of Blender.
  3. i install some Addons from the Blender Addon Catalog to integrate them into existing and new Panels.

You can see all the Changes and new Addons in the Gallery that i have made.
There are also some tips how to use them.
Click on the Main Image of the Post:…04102377255281