New UI killed the radio (star?)

Hello dear Game Engine freaks
have you noticed the new UI, great isn’t it?
Now, I’ll use the mysterious Radiosity function…I’m sure is hidden somewhere…ah, not yet implemented…ah, was removed?!
Well, it was a nice function, but then, the UV Green and Red guides too!

I dunno, OTO, don’t you think Radiosity was getting pretty outdated? There are lots of better ways to do the same thing now. Try Render Baking instead.

Let it go man…

Ok, R.I.P.
But, what about “Sound”?
Sound is nice…did someone managed to get sound working with a Linux version?
And the “Scripts”…no more “Python Scripts window”? Or there’s a different way?

[strike]You can use the Text Editor window with syntax highlighting and line numbers :slight_smile: [/strike]

Sorry, just realised you’re talking about the window that allows you to run scripts, correct? You can open script templates in the text editor window, then run them from there? Thats closest I’ve got so far :slight_smile:

Yes, the old scripts/extensions.
Some are really useful/important as the “Export UV Layout”!

Man, 2.5 isn’t finished yet. Don’t get too excited, some features just haven’t been put back in yet. I’m guessing Radiosity is gone, though, and it was high time if you ask me.

Yes Plant I’m a bit…dreadful!
I ask you about sound,
Is it working for you?

Sound has been working fine for me in 2.5 Alpha 0. I’ve tried .ogg, .wav, and .mp3. I’m using Linux Mint 7.

The sound buttons are no longer where they were, though. For a game, you can load and control sounds completely from the Sound Actuator.


blendenzo, thank you for the effort, but it was other thing!
I’ve to change a setting in the “User Preferences” window ( Ctrl-Alt-U), in the “System” tab, from “OpenAL” to “SDL”.

Does anyone know what happened to the texture face buttons in 2.5? Have they been killed too or are they just not put in yet?

not put in yet apparently.

I still haven’t figured out how to do plane rgb colours.

Is there no place to enable 3D sounds? are they supported?

You could achieve very cool results with radiosity, I wish it was improved instead of just removed. What is the alternate solution?

In 2.5 you now do it in the sound actuator itself.

Oh man… I’m stupid for not seeing that in Blendenzo’s post.


did you say wav, ogg, AND mp3?!

wow!! i’d start re-encoding my entire samples library, if i had finished configuring my new OS(gentoo) by now.

I don’t know if there’s a warning about this, I noticed neither 64 bits versions of 2.49b or 2.5 play any sounds at all. I’ve installed the 32bit versions of both and sounds play fine.

As I’ve said before, sound worked in my Debian/GNU/Linux/64 as soon as I changed the OpenAl setting to SDL in the Users Preferences!