New "Underground" movie (Warning: Adult content)

Hi everyone:
First, sorry, my english is very cheap :wink:

I finished a short film, a “sesame street parody”.
You “must” be older than 18, It’s about drugs and it’s in spanish. The goal of this short film was learn to animate in a more “dinamic” way. In my last short “La sopa de Mama” ( low quality version made with the old good 3d Studio R4) ) the people looks like “under water” when moves.

You can download some test and the full movie at (Spanish site) under “Barrio Chino Sesamo”

Direct link:
This is a very low quality, small video, but only 900 Kb.

You can download a “good” version (3.6 Mb) at:
user: controlzetavideos
Pass: visitante

thanks. Bye.

wrong password :frowning:

very goog, i mean dinamic is well done and it’s funny even if i don’T understand spanish.

I check and it’s ok.
But this from yahoo site:
“Only one account can be signed in at a time.”
perhaps,that was the problem. I’m sorry, have not web space to make it more easy.

hmm that was rather dark and morbid… but i couldn’t understand the text in the transition frames. making everything gray and colourless except the soup and blood works quite well here.

As dark and confusing as it was I thought it was as funny as hell. GJ

i couldnt understand a thing he said, but i could tell what all the drugs were lol! i thought it was great

3D Studio R4? Why not Blender?

“La sopa de mama” (B/W film about a child and mother) > 3d studio R4
“Barrio chino sesamo” (Color film about drugs and alfabet) > blender 2.23

When I start “La sopa de mama” (1997/8) blender isn’t ever born

excellent character animation!
it’s sad that no bigger resolution versions are available.


Suuuucccckkk, Oooh mannn… relax, this is good sh… euh render. :stuck_out_tongue: Very nice idea, and funny. :smiley:

the first ti mi saw this post, i only saw the movie with the mom and child.
I just saw the drugs one now! Wow! niceley modelled that was funny!!! the voice didn’t always seem to be in sync with the mouth though