NEW Update:- Industrial cloning machinery. See 1st post.

(May take 30-40 seconds to display image.)

Updated image (9.05AM 5/01/03):-
Machine console added on back wall, sorted pipe linkages to console. Further improved textures. Added flashing beacon with halos.

Room enlarged, will be updated to a longer room with more cloning machines. Computer interface still to be added.

The ‘Embryo’ is of undeterminable origin, so don’t ask cos I don’t know. Just a mad idea I had after watchng Res Evil.

Please leave any comments, pointers etc would be welcome.

Thankyou in advance and to those who have already offered their advice, please advise again.


Nice start. The pod looks very good. I would maybe make about 10 of them in a row and make the point of view looking down the row, with focvus on the first one.

Textures are very stretched and should not be the same on everything, but I think you will be changing that. Add some more lights as well for more feeling to the image.



Idea is nice, modelling can be upgraded with some more details, an bevels.

Texturing is way stretched, here and there, expecially pod base and columns, you should work on that.

Light too can be enhanced. You have a single shadow given by a light from above, but there is a side spot (with halo) which does not give shadows.

The EnvMaps on the pod ‘feets’ is nice, but it reflects the top green thing, which is strange, since it is far higher and has a wide ridge of metal…

Keep it up


Ya keep going. You should use a different floor maybe, who uses same on floors and walls? Floor is also angled for no apparent reason.

hey sonixsculpt, I can’t get your image to load. I click on the link and Netscape just sits there forever and loads the page but never the pic :frowning: :frowning:

Copy and paste the shortcut link into Internet Explorer. This seems to work better than using a web service provider, to view the image.

Hope this helps.


I get a black page with this on it


Sorry mate, try again, I’ve just finished updating the links.


Much better! The halos look great to me. The textures are much better. I would make the transition from the piping on the walls to the pod a little better. Camera angle is much better as well.

The floor texture seems to be a little too large in scale, IMO. Checkerplate steel typically has the checkers approximatley 1/8-1/4" apart, (3-6 mm for you metric folks :wink: ).

Keep it up, this is looking nice.


Im not even gonna ask why or how you know that :slight_smile:

got the image to load… will only work in IE :frowning: :frowning:
It looks really great :slight_smile:
The texture on the large brown pipes that lead into the wall looks sort of woody to me, not metallic at all… wooden pipes? mmmm… pipes… i know what my next scnene may be… :wink:

LMAO!! I am a mechanical engineer and I look at steel charts, etc. all day.