New User: Need Precise Angle for Text Taper/Bevel

Please forgive what might be a basic question but my searches haven’t turned up an answer.

I am trying to form text-letters into an STL file that I will export and send to a computer controlled router. With them I will be forming both standard and mirror 3D versions of the letters to carve out inlays for contrasting wood.

In order for the inlay to match the receiving grooves both pieces must have precisely cut 45 degree slopes expanding away (in the -Z direction) from the letters in the X-Y plane. I’m sure there must be a way to form the sloping depth using the text geometry features (taper/bevel) but I’m not sure how to specify the exact angle I need.

Can someone kindly point out the method and a short summary of the steps I should be using?

Many thanks.

Here is a close proximity of what I’m trying to do. I just need to insure the cut angles are both exactly 45 degrees.

Yeah, I tried the bevel curve without success but wasn’t quite sure I was doing it correctly. I’ll take a look at the addon. Thanks for your help - it’s appreciated.

Inset (I) faces. Same amount of thickness and depth and you’ll have 45 degrees.

JuhaW, I’ve been meaning to respond. Sorry for the delay. That is exactly what I needed - Thank You!

Nou roplem, delays are the best friends of man’s, they can beat deadlines and dogs also:)