New user questions

I just have a few questions for blender, as I am trying to get use to it so that I can maybe do school projects with it.

I am trying to do some simple minecraft things with premade blocks and such, but there are afew things that I cannot find the answer to anywhere.

  1. When I am using the blocks in this minecraft bundle (here - sometimes I cannot for the life of me get the point into the right spot, I am trying to click in the screen at to add a new camera, but it will not let me click in the right place and the coordinates for the camera , when I add it at that place, are in the hundreds of thousands.

  2. Sometimes when I go to zoom in/pan/look somewhere else on the file, it goes slower and slower untill the I cannot move no matter how much I pan/zoom. (tis is the one I need help with the most)

  3. When I try to edit something into a video (like blender guru here - the solve erro is anywhere from 74 to 101.

If anything was not explained well (I assume that you might not understand question#2) please tell me and I can reword it/upload a photo to help explain.

Thanks everyone!

I understand your 2nd point exactly. Its how the zooming in blender currently works, based on a view-port center. So sometimes the view-port center changes from the center of the objects you have selected. I dont know why it happens and there is no visible hint as to where the view-port center is located. And zooming gets you no farther than that center. To reassign the view-port center to the currently selected object, just press ctrt + .(DEL) in the numpad and then you can zoom in closer.

Regarding your first question, are you having trouble with placing 3D cursor exactly where you want it to be? If so then dont place the cursor in the perspective view coordinates, go into the perfect views, like Top, side and front. For placing the 3D cursor at exact location you have to place it atleast in two of the three views above. Go into top view and place the cursor, then go into either side or front view and place it again and you will have it exactly where you want.

No idea about your third query.

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Thanks a lot Daulat Neupane, but I have tow more questions

  1. How can I remove all lights from the render. I want to add my own lights through glowstone and torches, but everything ahs sort of a environment lighting… How can I remove this?

  2. Sometimes when I am in camera view, if I zoom out to far, the objects disapear (they get covered by somthing that is not there and is the same color as the surroundings.

I have no idea what happened to my last post, so I will post it again.

There is one more things that I am having troubles with.

There seems to be light coming from somewhere is the scene, and I want it gone. I wan to add my own light wiht glow stone and torches, but they don’t work because of this constant light. My question is; how can I remove all light from a scene?