New User Welcome Message RE: "Critics"

Hi there!

Just twitched a bit at the wording on Item 4a: “(Hint: add some valuable critics to the “Forum Gallery“)” :eek:

I’m guessing you meant “critique” though I do know some critics who hold themselves in such high regard they would naturally assume they are “valuable additions” to any forum.:wink:



  • 1.a detailed analysis and assessment of something, especially a literary, philosophical, or political theory.
    synonyms: analysis, evaluation, assessment, appraisal, appreciation, criticism, review, study,commentary, exposition, exegesis"a critique of North American culture"


evaluate (a theory or practice) in a detailed and analytical way.
“the authors critique the methods and practices used in the research”

Looks like you caught a typo. Thanks for that. Will pass that along to get it fixed.