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Hi all.I would just like to know what the limits are in blender.What can you actually create.I have just started with blender and planning on buying the manual.Thank-you

The biggest limit is probaly your fantasy.

whatever you can think of … :slight_smile:

OK, these replies are not really helpfull.

The question is a valid one and I would like to know what the actual limits of the software are. For example, what are the maximum amounts for objects, scenes, polys, etc. If the maximum amount is only limited by available memory then that could be answered and even then it would be nice to know how many is available in a certain amount of memory.

So here is what I would like to know: is it possible to make a CG-movie of lets say 1 hour 30 mins with loads of different scenes. Can everything be held in one .blend file or do you need to make seperate .blend files for each scene. Can you do the production with Blender or is it better to do it in some video postprocessing package. Etc.

max amout? who needs maximum amouts?? There are none. Your file will just get bigger. And all scenes can be done in one blend file. Postpro is not needed, but in some parts it is a lot easier :smiley: :smiley:

Hi ! Hans Peter.

Blender is very efficient, and I can say that there is no size limit, because 2 billion vertices is nearly the same. A whole project can be packed in a single file.blend, including textures.

Though, there are two features that are not directly implemented in blender : making easyly realistic hairs (we are numerous, working on palliative solutions, and you’ll find on this forum some usefull scripts), and
physical interactions (gravity, collision). Though,These function are availlable in the game module.

Blender can be run on almost every OS and computer, but if you want to render a Film, with high resolution, and all advanced functions activated ,like raytracing, radiosity, realtime subsurf, high level oversampling, motion blur, and else, your 5 minutes video clip will be terminated in year 3024…


Blender is Perfect for still pictures on standard PC, and nearly perfect for video, if you have a powerfull computer with a lot of memory, and if you accept to desable some features when you are rendering a film.

With a little experience, many feature can be well simulated in order to need less computer power or memory.


Buying the Blender manual is a good idea. Even if you can find here many
informations and solutions, The Blender manual is an always present doc source on my desk.

If you are new to Blender, have a look at the forum user websites…
You will see what can be done with blender.

Here is mine :