New User

This is a test…HELLO everyone! I’m new to all this so bear with me. I’m looking forward to using blender. Any start-up advice out there? Thanks jetX

Is this the first 3d software you’ve worked with? If so…
Blender may(at least for me it did) take a while to learn. I still have trouble getting textures and materials to look right.sigh
If you’re good with computers and art, you shouldn’t have a problem with it.
I remember…when started it up for the first time…I nearly died from all the hundreds of complex looking buttons and stuff. Now I can find anything I’m looking for right away.
Just keep with it and you’ll learn it.:smiley:

I would recommend you start with the video tutorials:

I’ll head on down the road and see what happens.

Or try the wiki documentation at:
then go to the user manual or the tutorials.
Sorry for not mentioning this in my last post…:frowning:

I like J. Chronister’s manual Blender Basics, written for a classrom course on Blender. It’s up to date for v2.41, and covers just about everything a beginner needs, from the interface to modeling, lighting, texturing and animation, and even the game engine.

As you come up with more questions on using Blender in future (you will), please ask them in the Support forums. Have fun!