New UV editor question--what shows up?


I’m enjoying the heck out of the new UV editor paradigm, but one thing keeps tripping me up–I’m sure it’s something simple.

Sometimes, all my UV’s show up in the editor. I can then unselect stuff in the 3d editor, select what I want to manipulate in the UV editor, and move them in the UV editor leaving my selection connected to what is unselected.

Other times, only what I select in the 3d editor shows up in the UV editor.

What am I missing?

There is a new Sync button at the bottom of the UV window. It looks like a square with verts at each corner. If the Sync button is on, you will see all the UVs and be able to select or deselect faces in either the 3D view or UV window. If the Sync button is not on, then you will only see the UVs for the faces you selected in the 3D view.

Doh! Oh how embarrassing. You were just telling me about that yesterday. I misunderstood the significance. I was thinking that was just about keeping changes in sync, but that’s the little lock button, isn’t it?

Thanks again DM!