New UV Map: shouldn't it be blank? // Where is the UV RESET located?

I’m dealing with UV maps.

When I create a new UV map in the Object Data Properties tab, shouldn’t it be BLANK? I haven’t assigned any Faces/Verts to it, why is it a duplicate of the original, default UV map?

Also, where is the UV RESET command located? I can execute it thru F3, but I can’t find its location in the UI.

Good points, you might want to bring it up here the devs will usually look here for issues/feature requests. Could have been an oversight and shouldn’t be that hard to implement.

By default, when you create a new UVmap, it copies the selected one.

Same place where it’s allways been: In View3D > Edit mode, press U for the UVMap popup, ‘Reset’ is the last item in that menu.
Note that an UVMap creates automatically UV coordinates to all loops, so ‘Reset’ is never ‘empty’.

But NOWHERE in the UV Editor? --I kinda think the UV EDITOR might be an appropriate place for “(UV) Reset”. :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

I’m not getting your meaning here: do you mean all Faces are expanded to fill the entire UV space?

You’re right… we need to include this operator in the UV Editor, as it makes sense to be there also.


Edited: Luckly the change to add ‘reset’ to the UV Editor is very simple:
Just edit the file 2.xx\scripts\startup\bl_ui\, and in the end of the draw function of the class IMAGE_MT_uvs, add layout.operator("uv.reset") (~line 386).
I’ll try in the meanwhile to commit the change to the source.

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