New UV Projection Modifier - turn off repeating?

Does anyone know how to turn off tiling in the new UV Projection Modifier? I want to use the modifier to place the image of a window on a house but the UV projection modifier is repeating the window image all over the house. I just want it to project just one window.

Haven´t tried myself,

but maybe (F6) texture map to panel
once there choose the extend option
instead of the default repeat?

really hope this works.

The UV project modifier doesn’t even need a texture defined to work - which is where the “extend” option is found. So I don’t think this will work.

Florianfelix is partially right, because you’re going to have a material, and the material will have to have a texture, and you WILL, in fact, be able to turn off ‘extend’ on the mat texture, and it’ll render without extension.

So I will see the repeated image real time with the UV projection modifier but when I create a material and define an image texture with “extend” on then it will behave as I need.

yes. Though my guess is that ‘clip’ will be a better choice than ‘extend’.

Ok, this is what I have found. I use the UV projection modifier to position and resize a decal - this way I can position the decal in real time. In the UV image window I bring up the Real-time properties box and click the “Clamp X” and Clamp Y" so I don’t see the repeated pattern. On the material I create an image texture and use “clip” to turn off the repeating pattern during render time. This seems to work for applying one decal and is more accurate and interactive than using the “Empty” method where you use an Empty to position the texture image on your object. But I can only put one decal using the UV project modifer. I need to interactively stamp decals all over the place. How is this done?

Ericsh: You can have multiple UVProject modifiers on an object. Also each modifier can specify up to 10 projectors, each throwing a unique image.

And you can also project to different UV layout layers.

I still don’t understand completely how the UV project modifier works and I have attached an example .blend below to illustrate. In the blend file there are two images, x.jpg and o.jpg. I have two UV project modifiers, one uses the x empty object and the other uses the o empty object. When I render, the x.jpg and o.jpg images are on top of eachother even though I moved the x and o empty objects away from eachother. I also have to decrease the color percentage of one of the textures to see both objects but I don’t believe this should be necessary if the images don’t overlap. What am I doing wrong?