New UVmapping tutorial

Hello All!

I’ve just posted a new UVMapping tutorial on my site. The tutorial covers how to quickly and accurately UVMap a character for Blender using Wings3D.

Hope someone finds it useful!


On second though…I don’t think I’ll get Wings3D. Your tutorial is good but you didn’t take the extra step of getting back into blender… You also didn’t demonstrated texturing the separate pieces that you marked with your edge cuts. Could you do that as well?

I updated the end of the tutorial slightly. There isn’t anything else to cover regarding the separate pieces. They are all mapped at the same time. Please let me know if I am misunderstanding you. Thanks for the input.


What I mean is…you demonstrated how to apply mapping to the character, but you didn’t demonstrate how to map separate textures to each part based on the technique you showed. I love your pictures as guides btw, they’re really well done and they go a long way toward explaining and helping along.