New vehicle wrapper(car setup), scripters needed!


As the title says, I want to build a new vehicle script(for Blender 2.49b). Sure, erwins setup is great, but there are still many things that could be better. There are pretty many car games around here, and if we would make a good script, I do think that it will be eaven more who are trying(just look at Unity, they have a decent car setup, and if you just look at a Unity forum, you’ll see what I mean). Here are some of the things that I would like to include(some easy, some hard):

  • Gear ratios for gear 1-7 and reverse
  • Over and understeer
  • HP and torque
  • Clutch (both for changing gears and to cut the engine)
  • Tirewear and fuel
  • Downforce
  • Easy to change grip to diffrent surfaces(induvidual tyre friction parameters)
  • Real reving
  • Set rpm where you’ll get maximum hp and torque

If I have missed anything, please tell. But I would like it to be like the physics of a Simbin game(pretty hard to beat, but if we would make it anywhere close to it, I think that Blender can get some new users)

The reason for posting here is becouse I want some help with this. Some of the things is already done in my car game, but I want to see if somebody has a better solution for it.

Please join and help me:)

That’s interesting idea - let tell about it tomorrow.
I have something to offer…

Sounds good. Also, forgot to tell that thoose that want to help will get a more detailed list of things that I would like to include, and if you still think that something is missing, feel free to say what.

Now I’m constructing my own game. I have already made such things:

  1. Gears indicator (gear depending on steer and so seems like ratios exist). But Gearbox is auto.
  2. Oversteer and understeer (made with dynamical wheel friction)
  3. Tachometer. Accelerating force depending on rpm. With maximum force rpm zone/point.

I can realize: Fuel and Downforce. They’re easy enough. First is a counter depending on rpm another is just a force that depends on speed and aerodynamic parameters like angle of attack and etc.

Grip to different surfaces is the more complex for me. I’ll need specially designed track.

Clutch and non-automatic gearbox are possible to be operated by player if he uses steering wheel. Without this device it will be just a torture!

That’s my possibilities. But I use well known vehicle wrapper as the base. Soon you’ll can check my car handling in my alpha-demo.

Now the most important part of our conversation.

You offer to join to serious and long term project. I think we must define aims and targets of this work before start.

What are you thinking about it?

I’ll think and write you again.

Have sent you a pm of things to include, and I like your idea. Let’s start planning!!

Drifting to :slight_smile:

Yes! The drifting is possible with some magical friction on rear wheels.

manchester1994. I’ve got your message.
Planning is the most interesting part of process I think! But I do a lot of BGE work today.
My alpha is completely ready and online. Now I go to sleep. You can download it. Feel free to see inside. It’ll help you to see my level and my requirements for good racing game handling. The game has .exe and .blend.

That’s theme
That’s game

(site is awaiting for reconstruction don’t even see)

I want to see your game to appreciate your level. I’ve seen screens and I can say: the models are just perfect. But it’s very important to fill how it worx. For me the handling is the main part of racing game. And It’s very important to see your preferences for “how the real game must be made”.

Let’s prepare to work.

Well, thats reminds me… I started this project for almost a year ago, when I couldn’t code very well, so I used many logicbriks instead. Very many. Too many. I could estimate it too 100 sensors and at least one controller and actuator conected to them. A lot of this things should be done in python, and so I will. But I tried to start with it, but it just became a mess. So I’ll start over again. With the whole game. Therefore, I don’t know if I’ll have time to write a new code now, but if I get some time, I’ll pm you.

I’am very sorry for this, and I really hope that you want to help me with this later, becouse this would be very cool when it’s done… Hope that you aren’t too angry at me, but I’ll try to get this done as soon as possible so that we, if you still want, can continue on this later.

If you don’t want to work at me later, search thru my post of Tire of Fire (link in my sig). There start from the back, and search for the newest demo. Download it, and you can try the physics. But remember, I can do a lot better now. And then, I can try to do both things at the same time.

Please tell me which way you find best.

Now I’ll go to your post of Tire of Fire and try to find demo.

I’m not angry at you :slight_smile: quite the contrary I think it’s the best way to complete our current projects and then begin the new one. Of course I shall work with you later. It would be pleasant and very usefull for both of us I think.

I’ll pm you after I’ll play Tire of Fire.

Now some words about New Vehicle Engine

I’ve been thinking a lot about possible way to realize it. So that’s my idea.
We could do it in a way of “Track Constructor”. Ingridients of this pro are:

  1. The New Vehicle Engine with all the stuff you’d mentioned: clutch, gearbox, advanced steering etc.
  2. Interactive car parameters adjustment and tuning with sliders “min-max” or some other control to everybody can play with car tuning and to we can adjust new cars easily.
    (I’d already made some kind of this for my game previous version)
  3. The track constructor. Standart parts for road and linked buildings and some other objects.
  4. Counting time, lap, place systems
  5. Replay system
  6. AI opponents system
  7. Scenery system for different kind of competitions.
  8. Car destruction system

After we realize it, we’ll be able to churn out games like Simbin does.

What do you think about my idea.

Good! Now we know what to do. So, we can start on this after the summer game competition, or. Really glad that you still want to work with me, and that you aren’t angry at me. And your ideas is exactly the things that makes one of these games.

If you’ll have some ideas about it, please pm me anytime. That’s interesting to discuss.

I’ve already download tire of fire. It’s .exe so please answer me. Is it fullscreen or window.
I’m on work now. I can’t run fullscreen applications here. If it’s not window I’ll can run it only at home tomorrow evening. :frowning:

Sorry, but it’s fullscreen. But I can upload a new file in windowed mode. Uploading right now, will edit this post when it’s done and give you the link. Will pm you if I get any more ideas.

Here’s the link:

I’ve just played Tire of Fire.
Now I’ll write you a private message.