new version for multi processor


i just saw that for the next version a multi processor support is planed.
that makes me smile a lot.



you couldn’t be more specific?

… last I heard ton was very pleased with his experiments SDL_Thread[s?] in the renderer and it is a long term goal to clean up blender’s code to make it depend less on evils [well, in a thread friendly perspective] such as global varibles…

but I don’t think there were more specifics then…

got a link or quote or something with more detail?

When you say “evils” do you mean dirty hacks (work around code) or just deprecated variables?

Where did you read this? I just did a bf build yesterday but I didn’t see a mention of this.

It’s already in BF and tuhopuu. The ‘threaded’ button turns it on and off.

I’ve used it on dual-proc machines. All it does is send alternating scanlines to the different processors. Maybe I shouldn’t say “all it does”, though, because that really speeds things up.

This is the only page I’ve seen on it on blender3d.

I have been using those buttons for a while. I was thinking that Ton was working on an upgrade to this. So nothing new here. That’s ok, I’m good.

Blend on!