New version of the automatic unwrapper Unfold3d available !

Hello everybody,

New version of the best automatic unwrapper Unfold 3D is now available ! Wizard Edition 5.5.

  • Unfold 3D Wizard Edition can now unwrap huge meshes at once (up to 500 000 triangles in less than a minute !).
  • Assisted edge marking more powerfull
  • Surface optimization 1000 times faster
  • Horizontal / vertical constraints can be now handled
    Softimage XSI 6 plug-in version available too !

Let’s download demos at :

I’m wondering how blender’s UVunwrap tools compare with those comercial guys like
Unfold 3D or UVLayout. I have seen some great videos but i can’t really tell. Are there some people with more experience with these tools?

Unfold 3D wizard edition ----> 720 Euro
Unfold 3D magic edition ----> 399 Euro

UVLayout Pro ----> 350-390$