New version of Virtualight

(Friday13) #1

(Now where is MaceG when you need him…)

Faster rendering now! :smiley:

Also, when will the Blender to Virtualight script be updated???

(PowerMacG4) #2

Seem like windows folks have are the little goodies. Oh well, once I get good I can had off my models to you guys to render. That will be a few years when I make a good sphere. :slight_smile:
Nice program though.

(Jamesk) #3

Yah. This is a nice little proggie. I sort of asked eeshlo about a possible improvement of the export script (since he’d be the perfect candidate to make something really good) but it seems unlikely to happen. Someone else has to do it. I helped out with the original script by Jano, but not with the python-bit, rather the odds and ends of the VIB-language, and I’m not much of a python afficionado, so I dunno… And anyway, with the upcoming opening of the source, there should be better ways to provide interfaces to external renderers than python scripting. Lets hope that some c-guru feels up to it!