new version questions

hey since i have the new version i see that a lot of things changed
when i want to add a background where do i do that ? i cant find it in view.
i hope anyone can help

Background image to work from as a guide or background as in a backdrop?

Backdrops are in the world tab by hitting the world tab and then the texture tab (there are smaller tabs under the texture tab now that tell blender where the texture will be used)

Background for modelling guides are under the ā€˜nā€™ panel near the bottom.

when i load the background image it isnt visible ?
its a .bmp
can he open that or is that the probleme ?

anyone that can tell me why i cant see the picture ?

Are you in orthographic view and are you in the view you specified in the background image settings ?

Probabliy you are not in orthographic view. Try Num5 -> Num 7